Monday, February 11, 2008

cybergeekspace - did I create a new word?

Legends of the scrawl

I was not too disappointed to find out that no-one took the time to let me in on the in and put me out of my misery about what's happening and what's not. Rome wasn't built in a day and I've obviously lived in ignorance for some time now so another few days/weeks/months probably won't hurt too much.

Honestly. I don't mind at all. And I certainly wasn't checking my email every few minutes. Or checking that my wi-fi hadn't packed up. Or checking Blogger's status. Not me. I've got a life, you know!

But I got to thinking. If I got a comment and it was negative, would that make me feel bad? Or if I found out something really big (like David Boreanaz was married or something) would I wish I hadn't known? And, how long is the longest time a blog (of any description) has been available but didn't get any comments? Or even any viewings? How do you tell if your blog has been viewed anyway? Yes, questions.

So, being bored and unappreciated I Googled cybergeekspace and guess what - no listings! And because I am the sad person I am I actually screenshotted (is that the right word?) it and saved it in a word document. Ah! I have made my own happening and now everyone else is out of touch! At last I am the first to know! In years to come other, lesser, geeks will pore over these texts and say......cybergeekspace? Man, that is so lame! Tsk.

Tomorrow is another day and my self-appointed task is to find out what happened to those geeks who lined up waiting for Revenge of the Sith to not arrive from Wil Wheaton's blog (see yesterday). How long did they wait? Did the cinema show it eventually? Are they still there?

Of course, if you already know the answer please let me know and I can spend the time more productively. Like doing some real work. Or something.