Thursday, February 28, 2008

Operation Full Burn

A 'Verse to publicity
Having written last time about a new 'Faces of Serenity' petition I've discovered many and varied examples of other action taking place all over the, well, place. 'Operation Full Burn' is a shiny campaign that is completely free and requires so little effort it's embarrassing. But try to make that tiny effort if you'd be so kind. The idea here is that Universal is going to show the whole series in High Def (Yea!) starting in March 08. This is fantastic news and to maximise the impact "we get as many Browncoats as have ears to sign up to these Universal HD Firefly Fan Forums as we can. It don't cost nobody a nickle yet it lets Universal (makers of Serenity) know that we are still here and we still want more of the 'Verse. It's as easy as lyin." (quote from campaign lit).

So, a quick 'n' easy way to show your appreciation of Firefly/Serenity - go do it!

And another site well worth a lengthy visit is Fireflyfans. This is a beast of a site (in a good way), full of information and some very active message boards. A great place to find like-minded folk of the Joss-persuasion. Try the Caption Competition for some Firefly-fan-fun-n-frolics. I've added them to 'Further reading' section.

Conventionally speaking
So, where are you going this year? I've not booked any hols yet but maybe Mexico, LA, New, wait! This is the year that I go to my first Convention. Yes, it is. Now I've done some quick research and unfortunately the Buffy Con at the Paley is sold out and the guest list is to die for. Nevermind. I need to get to see Joss this year, preferably at a Con that also features Firefly/Serenity. With Dollhouse finally underway Joss will be busy busy busy, but they'll have to be publicity...when I get some places shortlisted I'll let you know. In the meantime let me know where you plan to convene.

Google Analytics
Which brings me nicely to the subject of comments/posts/reader. Now, I'm new to blogging (dur!) but I've got a good grasp of the essentials. I've made a sitemap (after much puzzlement), submitted it via Google Webmaster (very easily) and waited to be listed. I'm still waiting, so you and me could be here on our own for a while yet. I wonder if I'll be listed before I get the 'Star Wait' dvd? I know there is a couple of you out there (unless Google Analytics is up the spout) and don't think I don't appreciate you swinging by this way - I surely do. But more would be, you know, more.

England shock quake!
Yes, the earth did move for various people in England on Tuesday night with the first 'significant' earthquake there for 25 years. It was only 'significant' when equated to other British earthquakes, however, and compared with many parts of the world this earthquake was typically English - not too outspoken, didn't do much damage and went away quickly. A quick call to the old country confirmed that while it woke people up, no damage was done and all the family were right as rain.