Friday, February 15, 2008

No news is good news?

In [cybergeek]space, no-one can hear you...
ask a polite question. Apparently. Well, still a big nothing on the lineup dudes in terms of making direct contact. My email appears to have been delayed/deleted/ignored. But then, how long do you wait after you sent an email before you know you aren't going to get a reply? Email is an instant communication tool, but only if the other person checks their email. And I guess it could easily have been be filtered and never even got to the actual inbox. So maybe I'll wait a bit longer before I email another member.

A new hope...
I've not been entirely unsucessful, though. I have ordered a new DVD for myself. Entitled 'Star Wait' it chronicles the Revenge of the Sith lineup in all its apparent glory. I am really looking forward to this - perhaps we will get some answers after all! Let me know if you've seen it already but no spoilers, please!

You're getting a burning sensation?
And while I was not receiving email and comments from people guess what I found? The transcript to 'Raw'. Now, when I first saw Eddie Murphy on a worn-out video at a friend's house I nearly choked to death. It's hard to imagine now, perhaps, but as a teen who had only ever attended Catholic school and college such a barrage of swearing and vivid imagery had a profound effect. I kept thinking that the police would charge in at any minute to put a stop to it but I could not stop laughing. It was so wrong and so funny. And all that summer we communicated to each other using references to it. But with only 10% of the swearing. Which, actually, was still a heck of a lot of swearing. Happy days! I can't wait for my kids to be old enough.....

No, chicken liver shoot out my nose!
Better news on Wil Wheaton. He is recovering well from his surgery with only minor side effects like high blood pressure and chicken liver bogies. His description of this is great (and disgusting) Let's hope they clear up in time for his next convention appearance or he might get wrongly ushered into the special effects arena. Be well again soon, Wil (I tried to use Trackback to your link so I would appear to be a worthy geek, but apparently Blogger doesn't support it, so no go).

Back in the Dollhouse?
The Writers strike has now finished - hooray! That should mean that Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku can get their new series Dollhouse underway. A new TV series from Joss? And I know about it BEFORE it is released? Things are improving indeed. It was slated for an Autumn (sorry - Fall) release but no word yet on whether that will happen now. As soon as I know more...

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