Friday, September 19, 2008

Dr Who talks like a Pirate?

No, not really, but lots of people are today! 
It's Talk Like A Pirate Day and I did toy with the idea of doing the whole post in 'pirate' but I feared my keyboard would rebell...Pirate-mania has been infecting the high-interwebs with FriendFeed adopting a new logo for the day:

And Ping also taking the talk:

Surprisingly, Google is not entering into the spirit, but are you celebrating today?

Doctor Who Season 4 - on CBC tonight!
He might not be talking like a pirate (or he might - it's not impossible!) but David Tennant does return as Dr Who on CBC tonight at 9.00 PM. I've managed to keep away from all the vast information about this season (it has already aired in the UK) so I can watch it unspoiled. I've booked a place on the sofa, with various kids spaced around, next to and behind, in the traditional Dr Who viewing positions. Very exciting...

Evil League of Evil Applications Office 
The final, Act VI, will be finished and on YouTube this weekend, so I hope you all enjoy that. There's been a mixed response to the competition, so I'll be publishing an enhanced picture tonight, so look out for that. If no-one gets all of them I will do the selection from the entries I had. Don't you want Evil WorldofHiglet to assess your entry to the Evil League of Evil?