Friday, September 26, 2008

ELoE Application Competition - enhanced picture and extended deadline.

I guess I have a lot to learn....
Life is a learning process and the thing I've learned this week is that if you want people to enter a competition don't make the task too difficult! With this in mind I'm publishing another picture today, plus some clues. And extending the deadline.

What if you've already entered?
Well if you have already entered, thank you for doing that! And of course, you may enter again. I'm going to email you all with the new pic so no-one is disadvantaged in any way. This picture is so clear, I really hope you will be able to see them all!

Now here are the clues:
  • There is 1 book and it's been reviewed here on this blog
  • The rest are DVDs
  • They are all connected to things I've mentioned on this blog
  • The last one might be tricky, but it shouldn't be impossible, especially for a Browncoat (yes, that's a HUGE clue!).
Ok, so what's the new rules?
  • Identify as many of the above as possible
  • If you can't get them all enter the competition anyway and if no-one gets them all you'll go into the hat with everyone else
  • Send them to me worldofhiglet at gmail dot com
  • New closing date is OCTOBER 10th
  • You can enter again if you later identify another item
What do you win?
  • I will email an Application Form to you (as featured in Act I) for you to fill in. If you also want to post a video entry on YouTube, Seesmic or elsewhere then please send me the link and I will use it as part of the assessment.
  • EvilWorldofHiglet will then assess your application in a special episode of 'The Evil League of Evil Applications Office' to be publicly available on YouTube.
  • The winner will also be announced here on the blog.
So, there we go. Lessons learned.

One last thing...
Rumour has it that there is going to be another video released on YouTube tonight by Evil WorldofHiglet. I wonder what that could be about....?