Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Captain Hammer, Castle and quick roundup

These are not the Hammer...

But the new auction from Kids Need To Read has an official Captain Hammer teeshirt signed by none other than the Hammerman himself, Nathan Fillion. It's ok, I'm not going to do another big rant about how great Mr Fillion is, how his new series, Castle, has been picked up by ABC and will be airing in 2009, how wonderfully he plays Mal, Caleb, Captain Hammer or any of his other roles. Nope, not me!  

All the details are on the Kids Need To Read website, and the auction is on eBay with a closing date of September 13th - so best hurray!

Dr Horrible and The IT Crowd - a match made in (geek) heaven!
See, Twitter tells you things. Like the makers of The IT Crowd, a wonderful sitcom by Channel 4, want to use Dr Horrible outfits in Season 3. And Dr Horrible, via Twitter, has now said they are in talks...this is very exciting!

What else?
Lots! I've been busy, although there's not much to show for it yet. I've also been spending far too long on FriendFeed Beta, although some of that time can legitimately be put down to research. And Felicia has Tweeted that there is to be a read-through of the first 8 episodes of The Guild Season 2 soon. And you know you are very tired when you go to check a Tweet, get distracted reading a debate about Thundercats on FriendFeed and then forget what you were doing...