Friday, February 13, 2009

Are you ready? DOLLHOUSE premiere (and BSG grinds on)

Dollhouse parties - are you going to one?
There is one tonight in Vancouver but I won't be able to make it due to various other child-related commitments (anyone with kids will tell you they have a much more active social life than their parents!). So, this evening I will be off the Internet (shock! Horror!) as I struggle to avoid any spoilers about Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica.

No Spoilers!
For many months there was a steady trickle of information about the new Joss Whedon/Eliza Dushku series on Fox. Most of it not from Fox itself but from interviews with Joss and Eliza and the other stars. Information from Fox was hard to come by and trailers scare. Little advertising was done on Fox and this heightened fans' fears that the show was about to outdo Firefly by being cancelled before it had even aired. But in the last two weeks - holymoly! There has been reams of interviews, trailers posted, Joss and Eliza have been here, there and everywhere promoting the show. So much information, in fact, that there is far too much for me to process. And, in the midst of this it's hard to stay spoiler-free. Every interview has people asking about the show - of course! But then do you read it or not? I have started a couple and then stopped because I just want to be able to watch. I'll catch up with everything afterwards. For now I'm basking in the anticipation.

But if you want to know more...
Head over the As always it's the go-to place to find out where all those interview, articles and videos are. Mostly they are flagged if they have spoilers so knock yourself out. Yesterday Joss himself posted a message saying he would answer 5 questions of those posted within a half-hour window. His rationale being that he had given time everywhere else so the loyal fans at should be rewarded, too:

February 13 2009
For You Guys. I'll check this in 30 minutes and pick five questions to answer.

I'll have to be brief, but since I'm talking to everyone that should include you.

joss | Purple prose | 06:24 CET | 237 comments total

As you can see, as of this morning there were 237 comments in reply to his post - many containing multiple questions. Yes, I think you could say that interest was high.

There's even an article about the science basis behind Dollhouse in 'Dollhouse's Memory Science Mixes Fact with Fiction' article in PopularMechanics.

(Picture from PopularMechanics article)

Could it get any better?
And to top it all Felicia Day confirmed via Twitter yesterday the rumours that had been circulating - she is going to be in Dollhouse later in the season:

For those inquiring minds, I got the ok today to confirm that I'm going to be on an episode Dollhouse later in the season! So exciting

BSG - I'm loving it?
Well you can never say that Battlestar Galactica shied away from violence, mayhem and sheer, bloody-minded refusal to face facts. No, no spoilers but if you haven't already caught up on the happens then do it! Unless you don't like being put through the emotional wringer. Wimp.