Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Guild: Season 2 - Episode 10 [Socializing Sucks]

Bladezz takes control of Guy's night; Codex's neighbor shows up at her party. With only two more episodes after this one, who knows how it's going to end?! Favourite quotes: "Vorktanamo Bay", "Wing Women", "...the street smarts of a cartoon princess", "someone's mining my ore" (though all the dialogue is fantastic!).

Season 2 - Episode 10: Socializing Sucks 
Season 2 - Episode 10: Socializing Sucks 

There are so many special moments in this episode...but you'll have to watch for yourself. The way the characters play off each other....Yes, I know, I'm Evil... Don't forget to Digg this episode to show your support. 

PS Where did they get all those jellybeans....?
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