Monday, February 16, 2009

Dollhouse reactions and The Guild Season 2 Finale!

So, did you watch it yet?
Dollhouse, I mean. My DVR didn't record the last 15 mins so I had to watch the first bit on TV then switch to Hulu. For anyone outside the US who wants to use Hulu you can get and IP switcher (see this post for more details). Now there are NO SPOILERs HERE, so you can read on without fear.

Was it any good?
That's the questions everyone is struggling to answer. I waited until I saw it to look at any opinions because I wanted to have my own reaction to it. Given that we know that this first episode is actually the third attempt at a pilot, it was hard to have an open mind. Given the dark cloud of cancellation has been there is people's minds ever since the series was announced, expectations were bound to be high. So....did it deliver? Yes. And no. 

I will be tuning in!
This was not the single most inspiring, exciting, unexpected, breathtaking piece of TV I have ever seen. But how could it be? I knew more than I wanted to about it before it had aired anyway. I knew the premise, the actors, had seen the sets, the clothes, the technology...But it was a good, solid start. The storytelling was sharp, the acting believable and it looked like a polished series that was set to grow. No wobbly sets or crappy camera work. There has been some disappointment, despair and hand-wringing in some quarters but - guess what? That's been going on since day 1 and it's unlikely to change. Give it a chance. Cowboys in space was a hard concept to grasp and, for some, it took a little time to get into. Dollhouse looks like it's a real grower, and I can't wait.

(Picture from Felicia's blog)

The Guild Season 2 Ends Tomorrow!
The waiting and gnashing of teeth has started already. Felicia - get writing Season 3! Felicia - stop swanning around doing other stuff! Felicia - ooh Dollhouse! Yes, Felicia has started blogging a bit more frequently (don't you hate it when your fav bloggers get busy and don't keep you updated? Really ticks me off, that...). In her last blog post she talks about Season 2 and her impending part in Dollhouse. And she also mentions that she might be doing a Live Chat to coincide with the season Finale. Yay! I hope this happens and as soon as I hear I will post details. Exciting, huh?