Monday, February 2, 2009

Vork+Speedos= The madness must STOP!

The Superbowl
Apparently there was some sort of sporting event going on in America yesterday. Something that seemed to be little more than an excuse for broadcasting porn and other inappropriate content to swathes of the US and beyond.

First, the pr0n
Comcast outdid themselves by managing to beam highly inappropriate content to their users. If you want to know more about this (you know, in the interest of science) then you can find out more and maybe give a Digg, too, if you feel the need.

Even more inappropriate
Disturbing as that might have been for the viewers, it was almost certainly broadcast in error. However, there was something FAR MORE disturbing broadcast during the Superbowl. Brace yourselves, folks. Someone who has previously kept themselves thankfully buttoned-down in some rather fetching smart/casual combinations has now jumped the shark, dress-sense-wise. It pains me to say this but live-action sequences of VORK IN A SPEEDO were broadcast in full-colour to millions of viewers:

It gets worse...
And if that was not bad enough, there is now a Facebook widget-thingy that lets you send Vork to each other. The madness must STOP! Felicia has inadvertently ensured that every single person who has friended her on Facebook will now send her one (as of about 2 hours ago she had been sent 25) but please - think before you send! Is this what we want cluttering up the information superhighway? Really?? Won't someone think of the children.....?!?

Dear Jeff,

It's not you, it's me. Really, you are a fine example of manliness, really you are. It's just...well, you know...well...Gee, did I mention I think you are a fantastic actor and totally outdo Sandeep in every scene?!


Dear Sandeep,

Hey, as the founder member of the 'Zombie Zaboo' group on The Guild community site you know how much respect I have for you. I even said nice thing about you on the effinfunny website. I really think it's the combination and chemistry between you and Jeff that makes every scene you do together awesomesauce and you are totally great as an actor. I was just trying to make Jeff feel a bit better about everyone hating on his near-nakedness. You understand these  things....