Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twitter, uStream and Felicia Day

The Guild USTREAM 'End of Season 2' Party

Twitter 202: Trending Topics
If you use Twitter you've probably noticed the 'Trending Topics' list. This picks up the most popular topics on Twitter. Now, the system is flawed but can still do remarkable things.  It picks up the frequently-used words or '# tagged' words on Twitter. And on Tuesday, The Guild (or rather '#theguild') took Twitter by storm.

The Guild Season 2 is now released on Amazon!
To celebrate the actual release on Amazon @theguild announced a Twitter contest on Tuesday that was open to all Guild fans (wherever they are. Actually, it said international entries welcome, but imagine if the @Astro_Mike, apparently from the shuttle Atlantis, had entered? The P&P might have been a bit steep! Then again, we know that he really didn't Twitter from space...). All you had to do was give a fake DVD extra and include the #theguild tag in a tweet - simple - to win some a copy of the DVD plus extras! (NOTE: the competition was only open on Tuesday but more competitions are coming...). And Felicia (@feliciaday) also announced that if #theguild became a Trending Topic she would do a live USTEAM broadcast today (Saturday).

You can order Season 2 using this link (which is The Guild's affiliate link and gives them a little extra money without costing you anything) and it's totally worth it. I can't wait for mine to arrive! Some people received their pre-ordered DVDs on Tuesday (thanks @may_gun!).

Within hours, #theguild was top of Trending Topics
...and there were hundreds of entries to the competition. There was a real buzz around Twitter and it was fun to be a part of spreading the word about The Guild! Even the inevitable spammer couldn't dampen spirits and the lucky winners were selected and announced.

And now - USTREAM!
So this afternoon at 5:00 PM Pacific time Felicia will be live on The Guild USTREAM channel and you can leave questions for her now. Cool, huh? Meet you there!

P.S. - Podcast Audiobook Update
Chapters 1 to 5 of "Turning Left at Albuquerque" are now up at, and yesterday we put up the first Omnibus so you can listen to the whole story so far in one 26 min episode. We've had some good feedback so far so if you're enjoying it please leave a comment here or at Podbean!