Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Jack Wakes Up" - your ticket to the seamy underbelly...

Seth Harwood writes a rattling good read
It'll rattle your teeth and your nerve! If you enjoy a strong story with the generous use of invective, violence and crims galore - this is most definitely the book for you. 

Readers who like their hard-boiled crime fiction violent and gritty will cheer Harwood’s debut… taut prose and fast pacing bode well for future entries in the series.” -- Publisher's Weekly
And you don't even need to take my word for it. Jack Wakes Up is released today and the great thing is you can try before you buy. For starters you can download the first three chapters as a PDF. Or you can go and listen to the podcast. And then - buy the book today and help make Jack Wakes Up secure it's place in podcasting's glorious history. All the details on how and where to buy are on Seth's website. And, because Seth knows about the future of book publishing, you can also buy the ebook version, too.

A venerable podcaster
Seth has been podcasting for a long time. Don't let his boyish charm fool you - he is a hard-hitting author who has been grafting at the coal face. In this video Seth shows us around his podcasting set up and explains how podcasting has worked for him.

If you want to hear a great interview with Seth, he spoke to Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn last week.

Why buying the book today matters
Book publishing is hard to get into. Publishers don't want to take a chance. By buying "Jack Wakes Up" today, on Cinco de Harwood, it gives the clear message that podcasters can build an audience that love their work - and will put their hands in their pockets and buy books. That's a powerful message. Be part of the revolution.