Friday, May 15, 2009

Podcast-tastic! Knights of the Guild and Turning Left...

Firstly, "thank you"s (and you can correct the grammar at will for that) go to:
Kenny and Jenni for inviting me to take part in the new "Knights of The Guild" podcast which is now out. We spoke last Sunday and it was great to actually talk to people I have been conversing with on Twitter and The Guild Chat for a long time! Also on the podcast is a roundup of what's been happening for Guild cast and crew and a great interview with Jared Hoy, chief lighting technician for The Guild.

And more thanks.... all those who have tuned into the "Turning Left at Albuquerque" audiobook podcasts so far. We released Chapter 4 today, with Chapter 5 out on Monday. We are going to be releasing chapters every Monday and Friday and after every 5 chapters we'll do an omnibus. So next Friday chapters 1-5 will be out - neat, huh? :)

We have a Facebook group for the podcast so please join if you are on Facebook. And you can subscribe and never miss an episode in iTunes or any other podcatcher via a link on the Podbean site. I hope you're enjoying them. We're certainly having fun creating them, and having Lord Poncenby and BREW onboard gives us an extra dimension!