Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Felicia Day: Evil warder or troubled genius?

Sean Becker (l) in happier times at The Streamy Awards (more pics)

Fears are growing for Sean Becker today
I returned from my self-imposed exile in England yesterday. After breaking the story about Sean Becker's shock firing from The Guild and the shocking follow-up, pressure became too much and I needed to get away from the constant media attention. Plus I wanted to make sure Felicia couldn't send one of her hired goons around (she knows where I live). It was great to meet up with family and friends and we all had a wonderful time and I even managed to put Ominbus 6 of "Turning Left at Albuquerque", my audiobook podcast, up. But while I was gone matters have moved on and I can stay silent no longer!

Sean Becker - still fired?
In a desperate bid to find out whether he still had a job, Sean published another video. This contains scenes that might not be suitable for viewers of a sensitive disposition:

Ms Day was not impressed with the first video he did so one can only imagine how this one was received!

The Guild Season 3 is wrapped
Joyous news for all fans of The Guild, of course - a real cause for celebration. Ms Day blogged about the wondrous event:

"....Now…post production. Ack! Director Sean Becker will be rushing to get a cut of Episode 1 ready for our Comicon Panel (July 24th from 10:30am-11:30am in room 5AB!) and the whole cast will be there. It’s going to be an amazing panel, I assure you....Ok, off to punch [redacted] in the face"

Felicia has a habit of keeping Sean under house arrest while he is editing The Guild. She shockingly confessed this to me during an interview I did with her last year:

A quick check on Sean's Twitter stream confirms the worst:

3 months?!? Sounds like Felicia is planning to keep Sean under wraps until Season 3 has been released!!!

What can be done?
It's unclear what, if anything, can be done for Sean. His Facebook picture has been updated:

It shows him forced to interact with a TV screen in a desperate attempt to simulate real-life contact. Whether this is a result of being in captivity or his crippling lack of social graces, we might never know. For now, we can only pray Felicia is not force-feeding him jellybeans again...

More news as it happens!

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  1. The Urkel in the screen behind Sean is hilarious.

    And I hear force-feeding jelly beans is common interrogation technique used in Vorktanamo Bay before Obama closed it down. So I hear.