Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Guild At SD Comic Con - hunting for glory!

The hunt is on!
All those Guildies lucky enough to be in San Diego for Comic Con 2009 are scurrying around looking unusually focussed today because THE GUILD SCAVENGER HUNT is now on! @theguild had hinted that there would be something big being announced today and then tweeted this morning:

Lucky people!
There have already been some winners but apparently there are plenty of prizes so if you are at SDCC get to booth #4417 and get cracking. And while you're there see if you can catch sight of Felicia's rad laces (comfy shoes ftw - but how did she tie them?!?):

Tomorrow is The Guild Panel
And this will be a packed event. Get there early to get a good seat and then post all your pics and vid online asap afterwards! It's in Room 5AB 10:30 - 11:30 AM (yes, it's in the morning so make sure you get up!). Now I'm a little concerned about the panel. For one thing, a certain @deliciafay has tweeted this:

She hasn't tweeted since, and that's usually a sign that she's up to something. Time will tell...

But there's more reason to worry!
Remember all the unpleasantness a couple of weeks ago when Sean Becker was allegedly fired from The Guild, and all the fallout from that? Well, I have more news on that and I'm here to tell you - there be shenanigans! I'm waiting for a couple of snippets to come back to me then I'm going to blow the lid on the whole thing. You have been warned! I only hope I can get the word out in time...

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