Monday, July 20, 2009

SD Comic Con - The Guild, Dr Horrible and Shenanigans!

San Diego Comic Con is on this week!
And once again I will be attending via the Internet. Sure, some people might say that stalking all the people I know who are going is a poor substitute for actually being there, but at least this way I don't have many scheduling nightmares and the kids get to eat this month! Last year I blogged on Whedonage about all the people I would queue up to see if I were there Part 1 and Part 2. The list hasn't changed that much, with a few additions, perhaps.

For all us unfortunates not able to be there here are some resources that might help:

Tubefilter: a guide to all the webseries at SDCC including The Guild and Dr Horrible
Whedonage: all the Whedon-related happenings this year
The Guild: their guide to everything Guild-related
Guildies: Comic-Con'd!: Set up by Dani (@maxsummers), a collection of Guildies will be posting their reports from SDCC (I'm really excited about this!)

@Crixlee Cricket Lee: co-presenter of A Fangirl's Guide podcast, girl gamer and Guild extra will be at CC, collecting interviews and giving away stickers
@egspoony Edgar Garcia: The Guild and Felicia's webmaster extraordinaire
@maxsummers Dani will be posting on the Guildies' site (can't wait for her to meet with Felicia!) and tweeting (I hope!)
@seanbecker some dude
@jaredhoy Chief Lighting Technician on The Guild and co-presenter of A Fangirl's Guide podcast will be interviewing and video blogging
@nathantamayo Guildie who will also be blogging on the Guildies' site
@FannishInc: Interviewer extraordinaire will be there
@danregal: expect more pics than you can wave a stick at!
@RobinInSeoul: a Whedonite of distinction!
@CapricaSeven: Jane Espenson, who will be there for the BSG panel
EDIT: @theguild: They will have a very special announcement for Guildies at CC on Thursday AM, so be sure you're following them (yes, even those of us not there want to know what's going on!)
@jul_weiss: Julianna Weiss, Editor of Pink Raygun is at CC and will be getting scoop on lots of geektastical wonders!

Video reporting
The lovely Jared Hoy has started a video blog about SDCC. Despite some misgivings about his co-host (and you'll understand why when you see who that is) I have high hopes for this:

If you know of anyone else or other sites that have SDCC information on them please let me know and I'll add them.

Jessica Stover (@JSto) will be representing Artemis Eternal at SDCC but in a different form to last year. All the details are on the Artemis Eternal website.

So what's all that about, then? Well, I have discovered some shocking news. News so shocking that it could set the Internet alight like hasn't been seen since the news of Guild Deficiency Syndrome broke or that loser Sean Becker was apparently sacked by the wonderful Felicia Day. It's so potentially devastating that I can barely bring myself to blog about it. But I know my duty. Stay tuned - the truth is out there!!!


  1. OMG! To be mentioned in almost the same (sort of) breath as Jane Espenson! ::GASP:: I feel like there's something I'll never wash again, but I don't what it is! :D

  2. :D maybe it's a good job I'm not going to be there then!

    And don't think I didn't see your post: on Joss'd and it's "Neenerneenerneener..."!


  3. Thanks for this. It's added some extra sources to my list!

  4. Glad to help! If you have other links not on the list please let me know.

    It's going to be a tough week for those of us left behind, but we can make it, together :)

  5. Higlet --
    Thanks for being such an invaluable resource on this. Hugs!

  6. No problem, Chris! (hugs) back

    I'm disappointed to not be able to get to any Cons this year so we need to stick together. Although you *are* going to a Con this year I believe? :)