Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Streamy Awards 2009 - oh what a night!

I have seen the future
But at first I could only hear it. The Streamys Red Carpet started at 6:00 PM (Pacific) and I duly tuned in to the Streamys' website but there was no feed. A quick check on Twitter confirmed that I wasn't the only one in the dark. After some delays, though, the live streaming started in time for the Awards. And what a ceremony it was!

The Felicia and Joss show
No long after it had started I realised that I take screen grabs, which sent me into a frenzy. The picture - live streaming on my 15" Macbook screen - was brilliant. So I was there, trying to follow Twitter, The Guild chat, the Streamys, making comments and taking screen grabs. Next year I will deploy more screens! 

And the first hosts are - Sandeep and Felicia!
It opened with two very familiar faces. Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh were the first presenters and set the tone for the whole night - funny, snappy, professional and awesome. Sandeep hammed it up magnificently and it was great to see the obvious chemistry between these two friends.

It gets a bit blurry
As I said, I was approaching systems overload with the monitoring so many things at once while coping with the emotions of seeing people I have been following not just receiving the recognition they deserve, but showing why it is deserved. If you were following my Twitter stream last night I apologise for the disjointed nature of the posts!

Some highlights
  • Neil Patrick Harris' speech where he dissed Nathan Fillion and asserts that he "...pads his junk..." 
  • Felicia's speech where she thanked everyone who had ever rejected her and forced her to do it for herself. And the way she thanked her boyfriend. And Kim Evey (who was sadly absent). And all the was a great speech
  • Joss' speech where he thanked Felicia for being his mentor
  • Jeff Lewis' speech where he thanked the fans. Over and over again. In hilarious fashion. Also, he was nervous (Jeff we love you!) and Vince looking fab (I just wish Robin Thorsen and Amy Okuda had taken the stage too)
  • Cameos from Felicia and Kim Evey (as Kiko) in the 'How to make a web video' short - hilarious!
  • Maurissa Tancharoen receiving the Dr Horrible award 
  • Jane Espenson's speeches and how much effort they put into making sure the BSG webisodes were complete pieces of art and not just tacked on for the sake of it (she put it so much better!)
  • Lisa Kudrow - I'm not sure what was going on but it amused me!
  • Felicia almost not getting onto the stage for the Best Comedy award because she was behind scenes having a drink

There were many other great moments. For better and more complete coverage please see these:

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More pictures on Flickr
I've put up the screen grabs up on my Flickr account - there's 46 of them. There are probably more, so I'll check later and upload them. And tag the ones that are there.

The future is here. And it's web television! The Streamy Award ceremony was awesome. I need at least a day to recover, and I wasn't even there!