Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Insight 101: How I KNOW what you are thinking....

Blogging, eh? It's a funny old business...  
And nothing has amused me more in these last few weeks than checking up on YOU, my dear readers. No, I haven't been cyber-stalking you (apart from, you know, those people I do stalk, and they know who they are). But I have a good idea about how your brain works. For a start, how did you get here at all?

Statistics, not metaphysics 
And by that I mean, how did you find this lil' ole blog? Some of you searched your way here, and I will return to you in a moment. And some of you headed this way after clicking a link on another site. Perhaps you read one of the articles on Whedonage and were desperate for more, or you first read about me on my other blog over at Wordpress. Or you are thinking of joining my community on MyBlogLog (do it - it's free and easy!). The thing is, I know how many of you have done this through the power of Google Analytics. This free and spanky piece of software shows me where the traffic on my site has come from, how long it stayed and which posts are the most popular. Here are some highlights....

Most popular search phrases:
repo brothers
paley buffy
Nathan Fillion

Most popular posts:

Most popular referring sites:

Most surprising search phrases:
Velour fetish
What are boypants
widget geek

Want to know more?
Well the real reason for this post was not to bore you useless information but to share with you one fact that has kept me amused out of all proportion these last weeks. On my Wordpress blog do you know what the most searched for thing is? Do you? Well, please don't tell Felicia, but here is a screenshot that tells you all you need to know:

Of course, Wordpress allows you get the IP address and email of everyone who visits, so I know that most of these searches are one person. I wonder who Mr S Parikh is.....? 

Tomorrow, we'll look at what these results mean (if anything).

P.S. One of the facts above is incorrect. Do you know which one?