Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Joss, can I monetise my ELE Applications Office videos?

 My first webseries even won an award

...Or is it "...may I"? I always get confused about that one. 

So then, what's this all about?

If you can cast your mind back over two years ago, I was busy writing about Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog in several places (this blog, the Official Dr Horrible Fan Site and Whedonage), and re-watching it with abandon. I was also following Felicia Day and The Guild closely, amazed at what she had achieved. In August 2008 I was thinking about how Billy kept applying to the Evil League of Evil and not getting in, and my mind turned to just what the form was like and who processed it.

And so the Evil League of Evil Applications Processing Office was born.

From idea to video
I wrote the first three scripts then recorded the first one using my webcam and my dead laptop. It was harder than I thought it would be and a hundred times the fun. I told a few Guildies I had met on Twitter and Guild chat about it and waited to see if anyone would either watch or like it. And thank you now to all the people (you know who you are) who took the time to watch, comment and support me - I am still very grateful!

A six-part webseries, plus extras
I wanted all the action to be framed around the timeline of Dr Horrible because then I could incorporate plot points. It expanded from three to six episodes plus EvilWorldofHiglet's application to the ELE, and one for Felicia Day, too.

People are still watching them
The videos on the EvilWorldofHiglet channel on YouTube have over 116,000 views between them. Last year one of my interviews with Felicia Day became eligible for YouTube partnership and after getting permission from Felicia it now now has adverts on it. A couple of weeks ago YouTube contacted me again and said Acts 1 and 3 of ELE Application Processing Office are also eligible (they have over 25,000 view between them). So, do I need permission from Joss? And if so, how would one go about asking him? Maybe I could @motancharoen, @jedwhedon or @zdubdub on Twitter and ask them?

What's a gal to do?
Does anyone else have any ideas? Let me know and I'll keep you posted :)

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  1. We get asked all the time with BBtL and ABtL for ad partnerships and such... we pretty much say no. I'm not sure about something like yours though. All your really using is the ELE concept (not like ours where we use created characters).