Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Guild Marathon: The BC Browncoats get ready for Season 4!

The Guild Seasons 1-3 on DVD

AlanD passes on this news: Felicia Day joins the BC Browncoats so she can reply to her invitation:

Season 4 of The Guild is less than one week away!
Remember how hard Guild Deficiency Syndrome bit during the winter? How long the months stretched as we waited for news of Season 4 (except for those readers in the Southern Hemisphere, of course. For you it was a long summer :))? Well now the wait is almost over! Season 4 premieres on July 13th, so how should one prepare for this momentous event? Here's one suggestion:

BC Browncoats present: The Guild Marathon
I don't have to worry about making sure I'm up to date with everything because Serena from The BC Browncoats, along with Alan D "Masked Roger" Penguin-guy, have arranged for Seasons 1-3 to be shown at La Fontana in Vancouver this Saturday. Three Seasons in One Day will be a treat for Guildies and those who are Guild-curious, and hopefully it will be a Crowded House. Apparently there are *still* some people in the world who haven't seen Felicia Day in all her glory, so this will be a great primer for them, too.

On a scale of 1 to 10.... rocks! But are people really excited about the prospect of Season 4? How can you even measure that? I'm not sure but I think that this gives you an indication:

In 14 hours there were 2,471 likes and 233 comments to The Guild announcement on Facebook. That's not bad going! And, in case you were wondering, it also confirms that Season 4 will debut on both Xbox Live AND the web simultaneously.

Be there and be square!
I'll be at La Fontana on Saturday so if you are there say hello. I'm very friendly but, being English and all, I can be a bit shy. I can't promise any of the stars will be there but lots of cool people will be, so come along for some fun.

DVDs on offer... has the Seasons 1 and 2 DVD and
the Season 3 DVD on offer at the moment, too:

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And don't forget the Season 3 Auto-tune Recap:

How are YOU going to prepare for Season 4?