Friday, July 23, 2010

The Guild, Celebrate The Web and SDCC

The Guild is rocking San Diego Comic Con
...which is no surprise to anyone who followed them last year. Their signings have been packed and everyone is wondering what is going to be revealed at the panel tomorrow. The full schedule for The Guild at SDCC is up at

And to get into the mood for tomorrow's panel, why not relive the excitement and wonder of last year? PinkRaygun have been publishing a chapter from one of the non-fiction books I've written. "From Cheetos to Stripper Bus: The Ultimate Fan Guide to how Felicia Day built The Guild Empire Level by Level." follows Felicia from her post-Buffy doldrums to the triumph of SDCC, the release of "Do you Wanna Date My Avatar" and beyond. Since agents feel it's "too niche" (ironic, no?) I'm looking at other ways to publish it. In the meantime you can get a flavour here:

Part 1  - follows the preparations The Guild and fans made for Comic Con and the amazing happenings of the first days.

Part 2 - follows the build up to The Guild Panel including the extraordinary transport provided by Microsoft.

Part 3  - Main event - The Guild Panel, the stunning revelations and the aftermath of SDCC

I'm really interested to hear you thoughts and comments so let me know what you think of it!

Celebrate The Web

Ah, the sadness of not being at SDCC is tempered slightly by the fact that one of the must-see events in San Diego this weekend is being streamed live! Celebrate The Web 2 (CTW2) is being held tomorrow afternoon at The Bristol Hotel in the Ballroom.

Since Jenni Powell and Kim Evey set up Celebrate The Web to honour the Streamy winners, it has blossomed with the support of the community. For CTW2 Jenni, along with Taryn O'Neill and Stephanie Thorpe have organised a great line up which includes a mixer, some web series previews, a sci-fi/horror panel and a fantasy/ gaming panel. See the program here.

It all starts at 3:30 tomorrow and promises to be an amazing event. For all the latest details you can follow @CelebrateTheWeb on twitter.

And you can join Jenni, Taryn and Stephanie on Yowie this afternoon at 1:30 PST for a live streamed interview  and discussion all about Celebrate The Web.

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