Saturday, August 23, 2008

Badger's return, Dr Horrible's Pony and more...

Beginnings and endings - always tricky... 
I used to love reading "Farmer Duck" with my kids. The repeated line in it is "How goes the work?". I really must see if it's in one of those boxes in the garage one of these days. But on the whole work is going well at the moment. My paying job has now finished and I've been looking around for more home-based work that didn't involve stuffing envelopes, pyramid selling or dubious 'chat' lines. It's not as if I haven't got lots to fill my days (boredom? That's not been on my radar for years), but some sort of income is a necessity. Hence the job search. And it takes up a significant amount of time, I can tell you. But new opportunities are on the horizon, so I'll fill you in on that soon.

Mark Shepard
I loved him as 'Badger' in Firefly (and his accent was pretty good) and he was an excellent addition to the cast as Romo Lampkin in Battlestar Galactica. His scenes with Adama Jr were a real high-point. And now the news from Dollverse that he is going to have a role in Dollhouse. They got the information from Mark's Facebook pages. If you have a Facebook account (and know how to work is better than me...I'm really not a fan of Facebook) why not friend him? Or try MySpace - he updated his blog yesterday and confirmed the Dollhouse shooting, and it has a great picture of him.

My Little Dr Horrible Pony
There are so many talented people creating wonderful items and showcasing them on the Internet. A little while ago Whedonage had a link to some imaginatively made-over 'My Little Ponies' - Dr Horrible and Captain Hammer:

There are several photos on the website - I particularly love the superior expression of the Captain Hammer pony. I don't know who created them as there doesn't seem to any information, but I know that I love them!

Webseries news
The scripts are nearly complete and filing such commence soon. We've had lots of views (nearly 1000 in total) and some very encouraging comments, too. As soon as I post Act IV I'll let you know.

Writerly news
And I've just read Zoe Winter's novella 'Kept' and I'm telling you, when she starts her podcasts of 'Save My Soul' later in the year, you are going to love them. This is the one. Tell your friends.