Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My day? Got soaked, wrote a webseries, joined a cult - you?

Yeah, just a typical day, really. Nuttin' special.
Wow, the weather has been so hot here these last few weeks. As a rule I don't blog about the weather because, as someone who lived most of her life in England, I'm sensitive about the fact that most of the world thinks that's all we talk about. In fact, it's clearly only about 70-80% of the time. Dur! But it's been wall-to-wall sunshine, weather like I have never experienced before! So planning a 1 night camping trip seemed to be reasonable, I mean - how could it fail with such great weather? Anyone who's ever been forced to go camping as a kid, only to endure freezing temperatures, gales and monsoon-type rain (i.e. the Great British Summer) will understand that it took a lot for me to agree to the trip, which also celebrated our 1st anniversary in Canada. Maybe it was fitting, therefore, that it rained almost non-stop and the 30C-plus temperatures fell to nearer 12C. Made me almost homesick!

But the good news is - I wrote the rest of my webseries!
Yes, the sound of the rain on canvas, plus the nearby highway and goods trains, meant that sleep was in short supply. Factor in some epic snoring from other members of the trip and I could actually be hallucinating writing this blog now for all I know (I hope not - if I was going to hallucinate I'd like it to be something a bit cooler, like meeting Joss Whedon or being a Production Assistant on The Guild!). Miles away from civilisation, with nothing to do except listen to the cacophony all around, gave me the chance to sort out the last 3 episodes of my 'Evil League of Evil' webseries. Of course, I couldn't actually write it then, what will the rain and the canvas and the not having my Macbook, but fear not. It's all locked in my noggin just waiting to be realised. 

Coming soon - Act IV!
So now I'm trying to work out if I can do a weekly release, and once I can start to think straight again I should have the answer to that pretty quickly. And maybe I have been hallucinating because a fellow webseries writer (ha! I just couldn't resist that!) Felicia Day Tweeted that she is looking for volunteer production assistants for The Guild Season 2- full details on WatchTheGuild. The bad news (for Felicia, obviously) is that you have to live in the LA area. I would contemplate the commute but with Season 1 of 'Evil League of Evil - The Office or Whatever I'm going to call it' in production at the moment I have no spare capacity. Which brings me to the next bit....

Any ideas for a name for the webseries?
Come on - you are all intelligent, internet-savvy people! Surely you can think of a suitable title. As an incentive, if your suggestion is taken up you will get your name on the 'Evil WorldofHiglet' YouTube channel. What a prize! And thanks for the positive feedback so far. If you want you can rate, comment and subscribe on YouTube. It's free, easy and lots of fun :)

You may address me as 'Sister Awesome'
Which brings me to the last segment of today's madness. Yes, I joined a cult. Yes, I have a cool title (see above). Yes, there may be chanting. Someone compared Tabz (Tabitha Grace Smith - from the glorious Buffy: Between the Lines, Joss'd etc) to a cult leader and, being the sort of person she is, she started a cult. Easy, isn't it? What's that? You want to join too? Well don't ask me, Tweet Tabz and see if you're worthy...