Friday, August 15, 2008

Buffy Between the Lines, The Guild, Dr Horrible...

Geek overload imminent! 
It's been another busy week in geekdom and the weekend is shaping up to be treat-packed! For a start, Buffy Between the Lines Season 2 starts tomorrow. Here's a peek at one of their new banners:

Irrel is the talent behind the banners.  She has also done some great Dr Horrible and The Guild graphics, too. Felicia Day herself, in an exclusive interview on, said that her favourite fan moment at Comic Con was meeting Irrel and getting a copy of The Guild artwork. Check out her site to see the rest of her work.

Tabz and the team are busy themselves at the moment - fresh from Comic Con they are at the New Media Expo tomorrow (Saturday, August 16th) at Las Vegas, Nevada at 12:00 pm. They also going to be at DragonCon where they are doing two performances. On Saturday, 30th August they will be performing B:BtL live at 2.30 PM. Then, on Sunday, they will be performing the first officially sanctioned fan-production of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog! They will be in full costume and singing along is encouraged. I really wish I could see that.

My copy of The Guild DVD has arrived!
Yes, it's arrived and yes, it was signed by Felicia. Thank you for doing that, Felicia :) Well, I'm reasonably sure it's her signature, but it's hard to tell since I think her RSI had set in by then! Shipping all the DVDs turned into a marathon lesson in, well, 'businessing' and Felicia has posted a moving and hair-raising account of it on her blog. On behalf of everyone who received them this week - I thank you! I can't wait to watch it in all it's glory, but that will have to wait until Sunday, because I have a packed schedule between then and now. The question is, do I watch the series first or dive straight into the extras (DDR on widescreen)? Choices,  choices! Maybe I've got time to just sneak a quick look....

Rumours are circulating...
...that new footage might soon be released related to Dr Horrible. This isn't from Joss and co, though, but a fan video. Details are scarce at this stage, but it promises to 'blow the whole Evil League of Evil operations wide open'! Sounds intriguing...I'll keep you posted.