Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Whedonage Article is up!

Joss, Felicia, Nathan, Tabz, KNTR, Wil.... 
The list is so long, this latest article is in two parts! I've looked again at the people I'd queue all night to see and hence 'Comic Con 2008: The Queue List Wrap Up'  Part 1 and Part 2. I hope you'll pop over to Whedonage and have a read, maybe leave a comment...Plus, I get called 'inimitable'!

After it was published this morning I noticed that Kids Need To Read updated their site last night with pictures and news from Comic Con, so while I'm trying to get a link added into the article, you can check out their latest news here. There are great stories and pictures.

Do you like the new look?
And, in the best tradition of avoiding proper work, I've finally managed to get the 3 columns on the blog. I'm still tweaking, but hopefully it'll look a bit less cluttered soon....