Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dr Horrible Wins an Emmy - in pictures

Joss gets his Emmy at last!
Dr Horrible was awarded for an Emmy in the 'Outstanding Special Class - Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program' yesterday. Jed himself broke the news:

Thanks to Twitter and the lovely Mo Tancharoen we can follow yesterday's excitement through pictures. These are all taken from @MoTancharoen's Twitter stream. Click on the picture to go to Twitpic to see the bigger original on Twitpic. You can even leave comments there for Mo and co :)

The limo ride....

 @feliciaday @zdubdub limo ridin to emmys on Twitpic

Felicia and Mo
@trpcic check out the rack your dress gave me! i have friends... on Twitpic

The view from their seats...

This is how f'in close we are!  And everyone and their mama i... on Twitpic

Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion

@nathanfillion and @drhorrible  on Twitpic

The team accepts the award...

Bam. on Twitpic

Award pictures are the best
another goodie! on Twitpic

Emmy and the sushi

There she is amidst sushi and sake on Twitpic
Happy happy joy joy
 Weee! on Twitpic
Mo and Ira Glass
Me and Ira Glass. What?!! on Twitpic
Simon Helberg (Moist) plus Felicia Twitters?
Moist! on Twitpic
Nathan - smooth as ever....
Okay. Saved the best for last - everyone's favorite hunk 'o m... on Twitpic
Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion, Zack Whedon and Jed Whedon also posted pictures on Twitter that are well worth checking out.
CONGRATULATIONS to the whole team!


  1. this is so win i can barely
    contain myself. [squee!]

  2. I know! I hardly dared hope they would win and it's so exciting that they did!