Saturday, September 19, 2009

Interviewing Jenni, KOTG and Dr Horrible makes a move

(The Knights of The Guild podcast - with Jenni and Kenny!)

The tables are turned!
In a couple of days I'll be interviewing the lovely Jenni Powell for Jenni's dulcet tones can be heard on the Knights of The Guild (KOTG) podcasts where she co-hosts with Kenny, and you might also know her as the Key Production Assistant on The Guild. We'll be chatting about The Guild, the KOTG podcasts and delving deep into the inner recesses of Jenni's brainbox. Probably. Although, to the untrained ear it might sound like lots of laughing. Ms Powell has been involved with many webseries over the years and recently had stints on the sets of Legend of Neil and The Guild as an extra. Which leads me to the next thing. Do you have a burning question for Jenni? I've already had some from people on the watchtheguild forums so if you have any more leave a comment here and I'll do my best to get an answer for you!

Listen to The Guild fans on the lastest KOTG podcast
The Guild has always been about the fans and the lastest KOTG Microcast #8 Quest for Skype features a Skype conversation with a group of Guildies:
Chris F.
Jeff V.
Phil aka GrrAargh

Yay! It was a really fun time on Skype and there are plans to do more in the future so email if you want to know more.

Dr Horrible in the news!
Yes, fresh on the heels of Dr Horrible receiving an Emmy last week comes confirmation that Joss is indeed planning a Dr Horrible 2. And the good Doctor himself (or Jed, anyway) has been dropping some hints recently as picked up by And today, Maurissa tweeted this:

Hmmm. Coupled with the fact that the host for tomorrow's Emmys is none other than Neil Patrick Harris, it's probably worth tuning in. I wonder what is going to happen...

And in case you missed it, here's Joss' acceptance speech from the Emmys:

And with Dollhouse Season 2 premiering on Friday 25th September these are exciting times in the Jossverse!


  1. I hope all the relevant bits of the Emmy show become 'available' soon after.

    I want to here more from Jenni about her work with Shanrah Wakefield, and other upcoming web video things.

  2. Good question! I'll make sure we find out what Ms Powell is up to... :)