Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Guild Episode, Felicia Day on Jimmy Fallon and Retail Guild Competition!

*cough* I'm  not well...

But that can't stop the show, so let's get on! First off, my review of The Guild Season 3, Episode 5 will be up soon on PinkRaygun.com so please head over there and join in the discussion! Another great episode and so many more questions to answer...

Jimmy Fallon is Felicia'd - again!
Felicia Day is on the 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' show tonight on NBC. It's showing at 12:35 AM Pacific here in West Coast Canada, so check when it's available where you are. Felicia has met Jimmy before and (tried to) help him with World of Warcraft:

It's going to be exciting to see Felicia on TV again!

EDIT: the interview has been added to Jimmy Fallon's website:

New Guild Competition - but hurry!

At 12 midnight (Pacific) the newest Guild competition ends. And what do you need to do for that? Simple. The new Guild DVD is now available in retail stores and everyone who posts a pic of them posing with a picture of the new DVD can enter the competition (see WatchtheGuild.com for full details of how to enter). And to make it fair that also includes those who have ordered the new one from Amazon, too.

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