Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Guild Season 3 hits MSN Video and DELIVERS!

(taken from http://www.msn.com/defaultc.aspx at 12.54 AM 1st Sept)

...and already it's top of the MSN Video Highlights
I'll be reviewing this Episode (and the rest of Season 3) over at PinkRaygun.com later today. For now, here's the link and I'll say this: You will LOVE this episode even though the cliff hanger is agonising! Watch it below or on MSN Video, Xbox Live or Zune.



  1. My wife and I are head over heels in love with this show as we're MMO players - thanks for the heads up!

  2. Excellent news! The Guild is a great show if your are a gamer - and also great if you're not :)

    Have you caught up with all Season 1 and 2?

  3. Oh, yes - we've been watching them for a while, I stumbled across it surfing Youtube on a lunch break looking for fan-made funny movies. This, and Legend of Neil, are by far the best ones. Makes me want to make something of my own!

  4. I know what you mean, Jonathan!

    After I saw Dr Horrible I (or should I say my evil twin Evil WorldofHiglet) created a webseries about the Evil League of Evil Applications Processing Office. It's still on YouTube if you want to check it out: