Monday, November 23, 2009

Sean Becker Interview out! Plus questioning Kim Evey...

The truth is out there...
Yes, Sean Becker, the Emmy Award-winning Director of Seasons 2 and 3 of The Guild, gives us the low-down on The Guild, Film School and so much more...!

  • Thrill as you hear how Kim Evey and Greg Benson drew the impressionable young film-school hopeful into the seedy world of web videos
  • Gasp at Sean's description of his drunken exploits at Comic Con 2009 with Con-Quest
  • Pass-out as Sean tells how he begged Felicia to tone down the scenes between Zaboo and Riley

For more details head over to for video descriptions for all three parts of this stunning tell-all expose* of The Guild and all things Sean!

And don't forget - Episode 12 of Season 3 is out tomorrow - it's going to be a heart-stopping finale!

...and speaking of Kim Evey - your questions please!

The wonderful Kim Evey has agreed to do an email interview so I'm taking questions now! Have you ever wondered how she managed to get all those wonderful guests on Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, or how many times Felicia has turned up on set swearing and violent? If you have any burning question please add a comment here and I'll send as many as I can off to Ms Evey.

* When I say expose, I mean you'll learn a lot more about The Guild and Sean Becker, not that there will be any other sort of....exposing.

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