Sunday, November 8, 2009

The week in review: The Guild, Halloween, Legend of Neil, Dr Horrible...

(Clara shows her sweeter side in The Guild Halloween Special...Photo by Brian Kameoka, courtesy of Knights of Good)

Yeah, technically this covers more than a week...!
Did you ever notice how, as soon as you decide to do one thing, 3 gazillion other things pop up and demand your attention? So, in the spirit of getting things done, here are all the blog posts I would have done in the last few days if I had had the time. You're welcome! :)

So, in reverse chronological order:

The Guild Halloween Special
Released on 27th October this is a wonderfully playful romp with The Guild cast as they quest for loot IRL. Written by Kim Evey and directed by Greg Benson, it's great to see the gang reunit'd-ish.

The Dr Horrible and Guild Second Annual Halloween Screening
Whedonopolis once again hosted a sing-along screening of Dr Horrible and this year showed Season 2 of The Guild. It was a star-studded event with fun galore and money being raised for Kids Need to Read.

Here's some highlights from watchtheguild's YouTube:

Felicia Day uses Halloween as a way to traumatise my daughter
Felicia has a tradition of shopping for her Halloween outfits in kid's clothing section at 4:00 on Halloween (it must be true - she tweeted it!). As you digest how many things are wrong with that, feast your eyes on this year's abomination:

The Horror!!!

My little girl was not at all amused by Ms Day's antics, as you can see:

The Guild S3 Ep9: Wit's End
Season 3 is ratcheting up the tension with MOAR TRAUMA as The Guild self-destructs. I reviewed it on and people are of the opinion that things may have reached turning point. So.Much.Goodness!

Director Sean Becker agrees, and he commented on Facebook "...I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of the final 3 eps, they are a lot of fun!" I can't wait!

The Guild on's DVD recommended list
The Guild DVD makes #68 on the list, only 2 behind Nathan Fillion's 'Castle'! This is an amazing feat for a webseries - well done everyone!

Legend of Neil Needs You!
We love this webseries, right? LoN is a guilty pleasure (NSFW but soooo funny) and we need to make sure that they make a Season 3. So help Sandeep and Tony out and read how you can help - it only takes a minute!

Knights of The Guild Live Broadcast
I totally missed this because of hockey-mum duties, but KOTG had their first live broadcast last night and despite a few technical hiccups it went really well. Kenny has blogged about it and I can't wait to see it!

I am so far behind at this stage it's a bit scary, but there are good reasons why (including being sick, kids being sick and - YAY! - more interest in my non-fiction project). To all those Nano-ers who are struggling keep in mind that you can make up the ground. I've got a long way to go but there is time to catch up - wish us all luck!

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