Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Guild S3 Ep10 PLUS Sean Becker under the spotlight! Questions please....

Awesome upon Awesome!
So, we're now on Episode 10 of Season 3 and.....*faints* Well I don't know about you, but this Season is taking so many twists and turns that I never know what's going to happen next! I've reviewed Ep 10 over on and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Felicia has said this is her favourite episode and she has written about Ep 9 & 10 plus her recent actoring over on her blog.

Excitement abounds!
And the awesome continues because tomorrow I'm going to be video interviewing Director/Editor Mr Sean Becker from a totally secret location! You will remember Sean from such blog posts as 'Who is Sean Becker?' , 'Sean Becker Speaks out...' and 'Felicia Day: Evil Warder or Trouble Genius?' and so I'm sure you will have lots of questions for him. As have I! So if you want to me to ask your question please comment below and I'll try to get through as many as possible. I can't wait...


  1. If there's still time to send questions:

    - Episode 10 had this really cool music in the Reservoir Dog’s-Style montage (and since Season 2 the soundtrack is really good). We know Eanan does the music, but how's the process to choose what type of music he'll do? Do you give him directions? Do Felicia and Kim give him directions? Or do you guys wait to see what he comes up with?

    *long question... sorry!*

  2. Great question, Dani - I'll make sure I print it out so I get it right :)

    The music is really good and that montage was amazing....

  3. Ask Sean to dish about this Conquest thing. And find out please why the audio is poor!