Thursday, February 17, 2011

IAWTV Revote: Necessary and needed, so make it count

The Revote Round 1 Ends Tomorrow
It's been another busy week for webseries creators and followers with many new projects announced, seasons ending and shooting schedules agreed. In between that and getting on with the business of making a living it is easy to let things slip through the gaps.

Members Need to Exercise Their Choice
IAWTV members are revoting this week for in the first round of votes for the Board of Directors. I posted a couple of week ago about how important these elections are. The fact that there has been a revote could be seen as an annoyance but I think it shows that the IAWTV takes the future seriously enough to want get things right from the start. I really hope that my fellow members take the time to re-look at the candidates and register their votes.

Just do it!
I voted this morning and it took about 2 minutes, and that included finding the email in a chaotic mailbox.  Voting ends tomorrow, Friday 18th February at 18:00 PST. So just go and vote. Right now*.

*Why are you looking down here? You should be voting!!

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