Thursday, October 23, 2008

Evil League Applications update

Over on
there's a new article up today (by yours truly) about the ELE Applications. Rachel Rhee, the new Dr Horrible Project Manager, has been interviewed on She confirmed that every single application will be viewed by team:

"I keep an eye out on the Whedonesque message board to see what fans are saying and I’ve read that a lot of people are feeling like their applications might not get selected because they are not getting written up about by some of the press the ELE has received. I just want to reassure everyone out there that every, single application is being reviewed. If you submitted to us before the deadline, it will definitely get seen by the Dr. Horrible Team."

This is good news, but most people do not have the time to sift through the 650 applications so this is a chance for everyone to put forward their favourites with reasons why they think they are good. Pop over to and add your comment and share your favourite videos with us all.