Monday, October 27, 2008

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show: Now with added Wash!

TCMS Season 2 is well under way....
And the latest episode stars a familiar face - Alan Tudyk! I'm a HUGE fan of GTCMS a weekly webseries starring Kiko, whose infectiously happy mangling of the English language is a real pleasure to behold. Each week a guest (or victim) visits with Kiko and her happy band of, er, friends and chaos ensues. In the latest episode lobster fisherman Girly Boy (or Gary Boyd, or Wash!) finds himself in mortal danger. Only the collective strength of Team GTCMS and their balls can save him. 

Who is responsible for this medley of manic madness?
Kim Evey is writer, producer and also stars as Kiko. Ms Evey and her husband Greg Benson also produce a number of other webseries including 

Retarded Policeman (perhaps not what you are expecting and all the better for it)
Two Hot Girls in the Shower (definitely not what you are expecting and infinitely funnier)
The Guild (oh yes! I may have mentioned The Guild before a few hundred times!)

Where can you see this fantastic webseries?
On the Intertubes, of course! You can either view on YouTube or directly at the
And they are on Facebook, too. I've embedded Season 2, Episode 7 (with Alan Tudyk) here:

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What are you waiting for? Watch them all now!

Anything else?
Unicow (he's a unicorn cow), one of Kiko's friends, has his own series with episode 1 called 'Unicow gets laid'. And this is exactly what you would expect. I confidently predict that you won't have seen a funnier deadpan performance from anyone in a Unicow costume before. Enjoy!