Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ELE Applications close in 3 DAYS!

October 11th is the closing date
So you'd better get cracking or you'll miss the cut off for being considered for the DVD. The numbers of applications are rising, and if the amount of new posts on this morning is anything to go by, the ELE (and Evil WorldofHiglet!) are going to have their work cut out for them looking through them all. All the rules and information are on the Evil League of Evil website so make sure you follow their instructions. I did a post last week with some pointers, too, and there is so much information on the Internet about creating videos that there really is no excuse to have a go. Come on - it can't be worse than this, after all!

My Evil Twin's ELE Competition closes on the 11th, too.
I've had several correct entries to the competition where you can win Evil WorldofHiglet assessing your application to the ELE. You don't need to have done a video and if you win you will get a video on YouTube critiquing your application in best Evil WorldofHiglet style. What? You're too chicken? Thought so....but if you decide to have a go all you need to do is identify all the DVD and the book in this picture. How could I make it more simple? (Note: I wrote 'simpler' first and then cringed and berated myself for such slack use of language. It's all about standards, people).

Stuff happened
And in more, related, news:
  • Dr Horrible is finally available from iTunes in the UK and Australia
  • Felicia Day has Twittered that Season 2, Ep 1 of The Guild now has a rough cut (very exciting!)
  • Felicia has also Twittered that she is appearing in more than 1 episode of a new sitcom, Roommates
  • A trailer (complete with spoilers) has been posted on YouTube for Nathan Fillion's new series, Castle which is due to be released in 2009.
And, finally
Dark forces are at work, my friends. A new Evil WorldofHiglet video is due at the end of this week and this one is not to be missed. I can't say anything else about it because it is filed under 'SuperSecretProject' but this is the one. Tell your friends.

Kim Evey was chatting again on the Watch The Guild Community site a couple of days ago after a gruelling weekend of shooting The Guild. She said she still wants a Higlet and that she was going to go and watch the videos. Excited? I was so hyper I nearly forgot to do a screenshot! Hehe. Yes. I am very sad, but - Kim Evey! And anyone (Dani, Chris, Nas, Nathan or anyone else) who tells you I was starting rumours on the chat is completely wrong. It was a misunderstanding, nothing more.