Saturday, October 4, 2008

JT and Mo get singy and other cool Whedon stuff

Oh, Hai!
Yep. It's official. I've been spending WAY too long on FriendFeed and too little time Blogging. So much so that I am almost fluent in Lolcat. I'm a bad person. But, just in case you haven't seen this yet, you might like this little video from Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen (who both had a big part in Dr Horrible). When you're this talented, even a trip to pick up fastfood is just the inspiration you need to whip up a little ditty or three....

Favorite Food Song

Joss and Eliza Fox interview about Dollhouse
And just to make sure that the Whedons are well-represented in video form this week there is this interview with Joss and Eliza about how Dollhouse is going. They are both clearly excited about Dollhouse and I think this should be a comfort to those of us worried about whether, well, you know...

Now this is a Fox interview on the Fox YouTube channel. So is it too much to ask that they spell Joss' name right? Really? Joss Whendon? Don't make come down there, Spike.....

ELE Applications
Did you know that you have less than a week to get your Applications up on YouTube or Vimeo for them to be considered for the Dr Horrible DVD? What are you waiting for! Check out all the details on the Evil League of Evil website and do it. Now. And while you're at it why not try the competition I'm running. If you win, Evil WorldofHiglet will assess your application in a special Application Processing Web Episode. And the great thing is that you don't need to do a video. All the winner needs to do is fill in a simple Application Form (as seen in Act 1 and Evil WorldofHiglet's ELE Application). The picture is so easy now (especially if you click on it for the large view) that you will have no trouble identifying the DVDs and the book. There have been quite a few correct entries already so get your skates on - all it takes is a quick email (full details here).