Thursday, October 9, 2008

One to watch: Life on Mars (US) starts tonight (plus - pr0n!)

Sam Tyler - you need to know this name
When I first saw 'Life on Mars' (UK) in England it was with mixed feelings. I loved the programme (LOVED it) and the fact it is set in Manchster and features many familiar locations added to my enjoyment. And I had recently moved from Hyde, so even funnier. This is a cop/sci-fi cross-over programme such as you will not have seen before. It is witty, dark, action-packed and has more style than A-line flares with pockets at the knees. And the music....The fact that it featured the building where I worked at the time in some of the scenes was, well, incidental. I've stopped twitching when I see it now...

The US version premieres tonight
And now this side of the Atlantic is going to be treated to the US version tonight on ABC. Now I am somewhat sceptical of 'versions' but I've seen the trailer and I'm convinced. Not only does it star Harvey Keitel as the Gene Hunt character, the styling and music look great. I really hope it lives up to expectations. I hardly watch the TV since Battlestar Galactica finished (even Dr Who is recorded but unwatched) but I'm going to be watching tonight.

Ashes to Ashes
As luck would have it I've just finished watching 'Ashes to Ashes' (UK), the follow-up to 'Life on Mars' and, if anything that is even better than 'Life on Mars'. That might be purely be for the music alone, and anyone who grew up in the 80's will appreciate the time and effort put into the sound, hair, fashion and eyeliner evident in the show. Season 2 will be out in 2009 and I'll be shipping over the DVDs as soon as they are out. Pure escapism.

Pr0n? Here?
Well, not really, so don't panic. I subscribe to James Gunn's Twitter (you know me, all the cool kids did so I thought I should, too) and he's been wittering on about a new thing he's been playing with. Nathan Fillion is one of his friends, so he can't be all bad, now, can he? Well, Mr Gunn is a bit of a potty-mouth and generally not the sort of person my gran would have liked to hang with (you know, if she had known what that meant). But he is nothing if not amusing. His latest exploit has a wonderful twist - PG Porn. I was reminded of this yesterday by reader Ed R (thanks ed!), and so I did actually watch it. And guess who's the star? Nathan Fillion! And guess what else? It is really PG! And very funny. The picture wasn't great as it kept freezing (in the wrong bits) but it's perfectly safe to watch - even though it's on Spike :) It's had over 200, 000 views in the first 24 hrs, so why not go and see what the fuss is about.