Monday, August 17, 2009

Do You Want To Date My Avatar? is #1 (just like Joss said!)

(The Guild "Do You Want To Date My Avatar" graphic from

Phew - what a day Monday was!
If you were on Twitter yesterday you would have seen that #datemyavatar was on the trending topics most of the day, and with good reason. While the video was available on iTunes in the US and Canada late Sunday night, it rolled over the whole globe yesterday, crushing all in it's path. Twitter was again a-buzz with news and comments about The Guild. And I'd like to point out I started writing this last night but more news came in, then some more and then....well, it didn't get done. So, to make it easy on me (and perhaps you, too) here's a brief list of the highlights.

  • Before 9:00 AM I check and "..Avatar.." is #13 in iTunes, Canada for music videos
  • 10:08 AM @theguild tweets: "#datemyavatar is #6 in top 100 iTunes pop music videos & #19 in all music videos (US). Let's get #1."
  • 10:44 AM @theguild tweets: "Contest time! Please tweet an "avatar pickup line" with#datemyavatar and a link" Prizes include shirts, autographed cast photo and SDCC goodies
  • 1:17 PM @theguild tweets: "Wow - #datemyavatar is almost #1 on iTunes for all music videos... Guildies rule"
  • 23:02 CET Joss Whedon posts this comment on a thread about the video on Whedonesque:
"Okay, usually I stay above such matters. But this video must be number one!!! Who is this Taylor Swift? Some evil robot, PROBABLY. (Although an evil robot vid would also potentially be cool.) (But fine! She can be number two!) The point is, I love this video to distraction (and inevitable procrastination). It has Felicia -- and money! Felicia LYING IN money! Combo-ed! Plus Vork, turkey legs, and the Solid Guild dancers! I care!

And I'm hobbled here, peeps. I don't twitter (I occasionally Glitter and Be Gay, but that's it), can't digg, or favorite, or friend... In fact I don't understand why my typewriter has a TV on it. I'M NOT SAVVY. But I really want this to be big. It's indie (which is the most important part), it's awesome, and it's made by people that I friended in the old-fashioned way of being friends with them. (Okay, technically, I brothered Jed before I friended him, but he's still super-talented.) So help me out. Let's go the extra mile here and DESTROY THE SWIFTBOT! Then I can get back to the business of making Dollhouse stranger.

igg deep, people.

Smoochez! -joss."
Now, I could go on. Seriously, yesterday was a real shift in paradigms and we were part of it. Those paradigms - all changed (and one day I'll learn what that word actually means!). Dani tweeted yesterday: "Is it weird that I, being just a fan, am so so so SO proud of @theguild right now? @feliciadayshould rule the world. Really. #datemyavatar" If it's weird then I'm weird too, because that's how I felt - proud.

And as a consequence of The Guild conquering all there is a metric crapload of blog posts from all over the interwebs. Luckily there's a neat way to view them all by looking at Friendfeed.

So many great posts...but I'll leave the last word to the one true b!x who posted this lovely little video this evening. The future is here, and you saw it first on an iPhone:


  1. This was really, really incredible. I remember seeing the very first season of the guild (I caught it starting about 5 eps. in) and I'm pretty sure I'm on record somewhere saying something ostentatious like "the future of American entertainment lies in the hands of Felicia Day and her ilk."

    Boy, was I wrong: it is, in fact, the future of global entertainment that lies in her hands.

    Date My Avatar is, plain and simple, a great, great song, and I'm glad it is becoming impossible to overlook.

  2. :) Excellent points! It is fantastic to see Felicia and The Guild breaking into the mainstream in such spectacular fashion!

    In fact, I wrote two portentous articles last year on my now-neglected 'other blog' called "The Future Entertainment" and Part 1 was about The Guild ( Wow - that was in May 2008!