Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Guild Season 3 launched on Xbox live plus the S3 trailer

Ah, the irony
I flipped the switch on the Xbox today eager to watch Episode 1, Season 3 of The Guild. After suffering from the crippling illness Guild Deficiency Syndrome (GDS) the wait was over and I was ready to step onto the Season 3 roller-coaster. First little wrinkle was having to wait up a system update, but, no problem, it was soon restarted and ready to go. I went to the Marketplace, found S3, Ep 1 and...arseburgers! Only Gold members can download it. Now, I used to have Gold but because our Xbox was registered in the UK (don't ask how that happened because I DO NOT want to relive that), the only way to renew has been to get Points shipped from England. Apparently you can pay online now but after the hassle we've had in the past I just never bothered. Until now.

What to do?
Now $60 might not sound that much but I can't justify that just so I can see S3, Ep1 a week early. Especially when I'll be buying the DVD and have just bought "Do You Want To Date My Avatar" video and MP3.

Kids want to be fed every day and they notice if you substitute sawdust for oatmeal and cardboard for crackers. So I'll wait until next Tuesday 1st September when I can watch it on MSN video. And brood. And fidget with my GDS for a few days longer. Thank goodness that....

The Season 3 trailer was released today!

Now it's a trailer that contains scenes from S3, so if you don't want to see anything then don't watch it. Though how you would be able to resist is beyond me. I won't say more than Season 3 looks like it is going to be an absolute corker and (I can't resist this, so if it spoils you, I'm sorry) Wil Wheaton apparently DOES NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR!!! 'Nuff said.


  1. For anyone doubting that Season 3 will be epic (I don't think there's anyone doubting, nut I just wanna say this...):

    Wil Wheaton wearing kilts.

    That. Is. All.

    1 week!!!!!

  2. Is it time yet? Please?!?

    And yes - Wil Wheaton + Kilts = ZOMG!