Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Legend of Neil, Season 2 Episode 3 - Dragon style?!?

(Legend of Neil header from http://www.effinfunny.com/legend-of-neil)

Firstly - It's not my fault
I meant to post about this last thing on Sunday night (when I first saw it), and then again yesterday (when I watched it again), and now I'm finally doing it (after another view). Sorry, Sandeep, it's not you, it's me. I got distracted. Also...well...okay the thing is that this episode is so very funny and VERY, VERY WRONG! It takes a while to get used to...what...er...and it's so...and...

Let's start again
Right. Legend of Neil is written by Sandeep Parikh (who also plays Zaboo in The Guild) and Tony Jannings (who stars as Neil in LoN and who can't be bothered to get onto Twitter. He's too good for Twitter or something.). It follows the adventure of Neil, who 'somehow' gets sucked into Zelda, an old-school game. It's very funny and COMPLETELY NSFW. And this episode is EVEN MORE NSFW than usual. Plus, if you imagine Felicia Day as cute and unsullied then either don't watch or prepare to be gob-smacked. If it's any consolation I laughed like a drain all the way through and I suspect you will, too. And the music is brilliant! Oh, didn't I mention? This is the musical episode! Yes - everyone's at it and this is such a funny episode!

Don't say I didn't warn you!
You can watch it on Effinfunny.com or Atom.com. And if you liked it why not Digg it like so many have already?


  1. I can't imagine the episode being more filthy than your gratuitous use of the term "gobsmacked."

  2. Gratuitous? Completely uitous thank you very much! And when you've watched it you'll see why...o_O