Sunday, March 22, 2009

Contagious: Scott Sigler does it again!

Do you like Sci-fi? How about horror? 
If you like either then you will almost certainly love 'Contagious'. And if you like both then you will want to add Contagious to your collection. I first heard of Scott Sigler last year via Buffy: Between the Lines and Tabz. B:BtL had information on their website about this author who was giving away free downloads of their book before the print release and, on a whim, I downloaded the PDF of 'Infected'.  After I had read a couple of chapters I ordered the book - I wanted to see it in print and have the pleasure of dreading to turn the next page!

Follow up to Infected
Contagious carries on where Infected ends, and we find out more about the deadly triangles and where they have come from, and what they are capable of. One of the effective and joyous aspects of Scott's writing is the way he uses scientific principles to underscore the story. For me there was a real thrill in reading and imagining the terrible twists in function that the infection undergoes. The vivid descriptions put you right in the action and no splatter or gout is wasted. As with 'Infected', the pace is breath-taking and I read 'Contagious' in little over a day. You'll want to know how it all turns out! And it was a great reward for finishing the first draft of my novel - thank you Scott!

Try before you buy
Maybe I haven't convinced you that you should buy Contagious. Fair enough. How about if you sampled it for yourself? Because not only is Mr Sigler a formidable writer he is also a highly successful podcaster, and you can listen to the first chapters for free, read by the Future Dark Overlord (tm) himself. You can download that and more of his work from his website. Scott is also on Twitter and writes a regular column for AMC, delving into the underbelly of horror in all it's gory.