Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do you want to talk to Zaboo?

Of course you do!
Well it's your lucky today because Sandeep Parikh (creator of the Streamy-nominated Legend of Neil, who also plays Zaboo in The Guild) and Tony Janning (who plays Neil in the Legend of Neil) are both guests in the new online radio show "Fangirl's Guide to..." TONIGHT!

And your hosts are....
Cricket Lee and Jared Hoy, two wonderful Guildies. The new show is going to cover all manner of fandom but they kick off tonight with a great opportunity to ask those searching questions you've always wanted to ask. Like how much of a zombie is Zaboo, did Neil ever play Zelda, and if he did how much did he enjoy the 'graphics', and how weird is it to direct Felicia Day? This show is LIVE on You can be part of it by sending in questions via Twitter to @FanGirlsGuide and using Skype 'LATalkRadio' or calling (323) 203 - 0815. I'll see you there!