Friday, March 27, 2009

ELE Application Processing - want to see some scripts?

It's a difficult one to judge.
I love to read scripts, to see how things have been produced and where the ideas came from. I'm not sure if other people share this interest, though. Just in case you do, I've uploaded the scripts for Season 1 of the ELE Application Processing Office onto my new blog and you can download them from there.

A new blog?
Well yes. You might be aware that I've written a novel (!) and I'm now trying to find an agent so I can market it. In order to do that I need to decloak and be a real person. Well, for some of the time, anyway. It's not been an easy road, from closet nerd to full-on geek, and I'm not sure I'm fully out yet. Some days it's scary. Will people understand? Will I be accepted? Will the soccer-mums shun me (more)? 

So....who is WorldofHiglet? 
I'm who I always was. WorldofHiglet is not going away. And neither is this blog. All is well, no need to fret. I'll be blogging here and on the other blog and other places, too (hello Pink Raygun!). And as soon as I have any news on the book I'll let you know asap. Isn't life exciting?

If you do go to the other blog, and you want to, please leave a comment or two over there. It'll make the place look like someone has been there! Thank you :)