Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cricket Lee, Felicia Day, The Streamys and Whedonage

Firstly: did you meet Cricket yet?
Cricket Lee was kind enough to let me interview her about her experiences as an extra on The Guild set. I have posted the edited version of this on Whedonage along with some background biography. (It was especially kind of her because this was the second time. I had mucho trouble with the first one because iMovie would not import it correctly - so thank you Cricket!). I first met Cricket on the community site after the Dr Horrible screening last year and she shared her experiences about that on another blog post. But it was brilliant actually talking to her via Skype. Because YouTube only allows videos of 100 megs/less than 10 mins I had to edit it down quite a bit. But if you'd like to hear some more then Cricket has uploaded another part of it where she talks about Joss at the Dr Horrible screening - it's a funny story!

The 'People's Choice' Streamys are announced...
...and my blog post about my choices was a 'very Honorable Runner-up'. Cool! Unfortunately I didn't win the tickets for the Awards Ceremony (that honour goes to Ben Shult from St. Timmy Productions) but it's good to know that my hit rate of 4/10 (The Guild, Dr Horrible, After Judgement and Legend of Neil) and wasn't too bad. And now - have you voted today yet? You can vote once every day up until the 28th March for your favourite so if you love more than one special webseries you can alternate your votes. Just remember to vote every day! Even though I won't be there at the Awards, I'll be watching the Live Feed. To me, this is much more exciting than the Oscars! I've followed many of these people for a while now and to see them honoured in the Streamys Awards is a huge thrill.

Felicia Day: new media guru?
After appearing at the SXSW 2009 and then in Improv again last night, where else might you find Felicia this year? She blogged recently about her appearances in 2009 and the fact they are going to be limited this year due to the heavy commitments she has. But she and The Guild will be at San Diego Comic Con in July and Felicia will also be at the Starfury Con in England in April. And what is she doing in the meantime? Writing Season 3 of The Guild, working on other projects such as an upcoming Machinima production and making guest speaker appearances such as the one she will be making at the 'Future of Television West'. It is heartening to see that Felicia is being asked to speak at such events because it shows that web shows, and the people who create them, are being taken seriously.