Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Numfar: Do the Dance of Joy!

It's done! First Draft is Complete!
Heh. Just over a year ago I started this blog and my first post was titled 'Numfar: do the dance of shame' . (The wonderful picture is of Joss holding up a custom Numfar figure made by Sasha Powell as seen on her blog) So it seems fitting that now I can post this because I am now a writer - I have finished my first book! Now, let me enjoy this feeling for a little bit. I know there is much to do. A first draft is a long way from a finished book. But, as Joss himself says, the first rule is FINISH IT! And I have :)

What now?
Okay, I have my draft and it's going away for a little bit. Then I will do the first sweep of edits and get it out to some beta readers. Beta readers, you say? Yes. I have some people lined up who are willing to sacrifice some time to read the 140,000+ words in this mighty tome. And then...well, we'll have to see. I want this puppy published but how that might be achieved remains to be finalised.

Er, what's it about, anyway?
Good question. It's a humorous novel about...well, think Tom Sharpe meets Ben Elton during a mid-life crisis and spawns a mutant love-child with him and Grant Naylor. But now with added Internets. Yeah, that about sums it up. It's a humourous novel about a 37 yr old geeky guy, separated from his wife, who loses his job and decides to go to University to get an IT degree. He is a decent guy, hooked on nerd culture but completely set in his ways, bogged down by daily life and acceptance of less-than-best. His gaming addiction doesn't help, either. And when his separated wife becomes pregnant, his life takes on a new turn. 

And now...?
Sleep. And maybe a glass of wine. And much rejoicing. It feels good.

Also, a Thank You
Over the last few months many people on Twitter, The Guild chat, Facebook, Friendfeed and all over the internet have encouraged, cajoled and helped me. A huge thank you to all of you. I can't tell you how much it really helped. You rock!