Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank you for voting - I won two Horrible Awards!

What a weekend!
In the fury of the last few days I sought solace on Twitter a moment ago and saw @Tabz had tweeted the link to the Horrible Awards. It had completely slipped my mind that the results were out today! 

And the winner is....
Everyone in the fandom, because this was a great chance to catch up on  work that we might otherwise have missed. And also - I won two Awards! 

Fanvids/Music: The Everyone's a Hero Award - Best Non-ELE Vid
The judges were very kind:

"This is very difficult to judge in conventional vid terms because it's very nearly static apart from the moving hands, which almost become characters. There are no special effects or transitions but the script is absolutely hilarious, delivered in a Northern British accent which perfectly lends itself to the dry, snarky humour. 

Despite the lack of action, the script delivers on every level and ensures that the audience becomes involved in the narrative and, crucially, is not patronised but invited into the world of the ELE Applications Processing Office."

The other winner in this category was 'Armaniac: tailor to the evil' by Niklas Ringdahl and the runner-up was 'Womanizer' by winterevanesce. There are many other categories, so please go and check out all the winners. And if you want to see all the videos and also download the scripts for the ELE Applications Processing Office you can do that on my new writer's blog.

General/Judge's Choice: The Caring Hands Award – Best Fandom Supporter
As is very fitting, Snowpuppies made a great decision concerning the results:

"This was a special category, in that every nominee is a winner. I decided that if someone thinks you've done something special to promote/support the growth of Dr. Horrible fandom, you deserve an award, so everyone wins!"

Other winners in this category were Tabz, Dr Blog bot, Beth Nelson, Snowpuppies, The One True b!X, Jackwabbit, Donteatacowman.

To everyone who voted - whoever you voted for, because this was a brilliant idea of Snowpuppies and I am humbled to have won an award for my writing (and possibly my fancy arm work ;)). Squeeeeeeee!