Friday, April 25, 2008

Doctor Horrible, Neil Patrick Harris plus Felicia talks

Neil Patrick Harris talks Doctor Horrible highlights a great interview that Neil Patrick Harris did with the LA Times. In the interview NPH talks butlers, murder mystery weekends, Jim Henson and how he came to be in Doctor Horrible. Apparently Joss rang him up and he jumped at the chance. And there are nine songs, which is a really exciting news. Nine! Guess it's time to get iTunes to work properly again!

Felicia Day on How I WoW
After completely updating her blog and then blogging some really useful Wordpress links and info you'd might think that Felicia might have rested on her laurels. No chance! She has put a ink from her blog to a wonderfully full and funny interview with Shawn and Patrick from How I WoW (World of Worldcraft). If you want to know the background to 'The Guild' Dance Dance Revolution thankyou video then tune in. Shawn and Patrick are very good interviewers and Felicia comes across as very 'real', good fun. She is geeky in the best way, of course, and doesn't apologise for enjoying the things she likes. And one of the reasons she wrote 'The Guild' is that she wanted to show a character who is a girl geek that has friends, is social, embraces personal hygiene (I'm paraphrasing) and doesn't snort when she laughs. This is something that you just don't see in 'Hollywood'. We salute you, Felicia!

Although they talk about WoW, you don't have to have played it to enjoy this interview. With subjects such as LA, Hollywood, Wil Wheaton, Felicia's family, Guitar Hero and The Guild it's a fun insight into this rising star. We find out that the next episode of 'The Guild' is to be uploaded on Wednesday evening - which is certainly something to look forward to! And then, near the end, we get some more information about Doctor Horrible.

Felicia has seen the rough cut of Doctor Horrible!
It's a cut without special effects but she said it was 'breathtaking'. Apparently during the WGA strike Joss had wanted to do an Internet something and he seen 'The Guild'. So when he rang Felicia up and asked if she could sing she jumped at the chance. She also said that it will be released before Comic-Con (timescale: Late May - July) but that there was no fixed date at the moment. And the whole cast of 'The Guild' are going to Comic-Con, so that will be the place to go to meet them in.