Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nathan Fillion - the Repo Brothers rise again

You tend to remember a guy whose eyes bleed.
The being cleft in twain made an impression, too. I was first introduced to Nathan Fillion via Buffy Season 7, where he played Caleb, a defrocked preacher far south of normal with an unhealthy appetite for The First Evil and an unholy sideline in misogyny. He was quite magnetic and, at the time, I wondered where this actor had come from and why I didn't know him from anything else. The final episode of Buffy Season 7 starts with Caleb, bleeding darkly from eyes, nose and mouth, being rendered impotent (as an enemy) by Buffy slicing him in two with her neat new toy.

Oh, the irony
Of course, Nathan had been busy working away for many years before Buffy. Including a starring role in another of Joss Whedon's quality products, a little-known space/western. You might have heard of it: Firefly. In fact, Mr Fillion has been working his butt off (I refrain form any further comments in this direction because I know it is not a subject that he wishes to be discussed) on lots of projects, films, voice-overs etc. For a very complete run-down of his many works try or the Internet Movie Database.

Nathan Nation
And now he has added another string to his bow. The pilot for 'Repo Brothers', written by the man himself, has been picked up by ABC. Apparently the idea came to him while he was demonstrating his lock-picking abilities to Alan Tudyk (yes, Wash from Firefly) in his front room... See for more information. What I'd like to know is will Nathan return the favour and ask to cast Joss Whedon and his brothers Zack or Jed in the roles?

More Nathan!
Kids Need To Read, as if anticipating a Nathan-heavy news week, have an auction of a 'White Noise 2: The Light' DVD signed by Nathan. The auction is on ebay until 4th April, so you need to hurry on that one.

More Auctions!
Kids Need To Read are also auctioning a signed photo of Ashley Cole, the rightly-famous football (ok, soccer!) star. Any Chelsea or England fans should go to the KNTR website or head over to ebay. This one finishes on the 6th of April. And remember, if you want to support KNTR but don't think you could use any of the items up for auction, think about Christmas /Holiday / Birthday presents.

Joss' Journal
Will return tomorrow. Is the strike going well, and have the Minions revolted for the last time?