Monday, July 14, 2008

I've seen Doctor Horrible Part 1! It ROCKS!

Worth the Wait....and then some!
Ok, so there were a few technical hitches in that Hulu is only available in the US, but the Dr Horrible team worked quickly to get around that. So now everyone can see Dr Horrible Part 1 NOW!

It is so good...I'm going to watch it again in a minute but I wanted to share this. The Dr Horrible team gave this link: to enable people outside the US access to Hulu. You have to dopwnload a small application that gives you a US IP address but then you can watch. So this is what you do:

1. Go to
2. Download the AnchorFree application, read the instructions and install it
3. Click on the Anchor and ensure it goes to green
4. Go to to watch and be stunned.

Neil Patrick Harris is magnificent, Felicia Day is wonderful and Nathan Fillion is fantastic (and looks really ripped!). The music is awesome and the whole ensemble is...well, I've run out of hyperbole but it is really, really, really great. So there. Now go watch!